Online Bidding Information

Getting Started

1) Register to Bid. A credit card is required but it is not charged here. The information is primarily used to authenticate bidders and give everybody a trustworthy bidding environment. You will receive email confirmation with your bid number. If you don't see the email, check your spam/junk folder. Email is the main way you will be updated on bidding and invoices.

2) Enter your bid amount. You will need to provide your bid number and password at the bottom of the page to submit bid.

3) Check the status of your bid. You will receive notifications via email regarding the status of your bid. You can review your bids at the bottom of the page when you are logged-in.

Bidding Guide

Your Bid: You can enter any amount greater or equal to the minimum bid amount. The Minimum Bid is the lowest amount required for the next bid. It is highlighted in blue and guided by bid increments.

Maximum Bid: The maximum bid is an optional. It is the highest amount you are willing pay for an item. With this bidding option, you are committing to any amount up to your maximum bid. This bidding type is used on eBay. It is known as proxy bidding because an automated bidding service is bidding the minimum increment on your behalf to ensure that you stay in the lead up to your maximum bid. If somebody places a bid that is higher than your maximum bid, you will receive a notification that you have been outbid.


If the high bid for an item is currently $50 and you submit a maximum bid of $100, your bid is really only for $55. Now, if another person bids $60, your bid is automatically increased to $65 in order to keep you in the lead. If there are no more bids, you win the item for $65.

Buyer's Premium: This is a fee applied to all purchases. It is a percentage of an item's winning bid. NorthernAuction charges a 16% buyer premium. You can get 3% off when you pay with cash; and another 3% off if you pickup your items the first day after an auction closes.